Lois HaggenstansEdit

Lois Haggenstans
Biographical information

1988; Austin, Texas



Physical description






Hair color
  • Dark brown (books)
  • Brown (movies)
Eye color


Family information
Family members

Mrs. Haggenstans


Graduate student of Richland High




Lois introduces herself to Chrissie

On Chrissie's first day at Richland High School, Lois becomes her friend, hoping to get her to participate in her and Murphy's sorority.

She tends to be more interested in Chrissie's popularity than her actual character, and is sometimes jealous of Alex's affections toward the girl. She also takes both Spanish and Trigonometry with Chrissie during their Junior year.

Moonlight : Dark MoonEdit

At prom, Lois and Murphy asked Chrissie for her final dicsission on wheather or not she wanted to participate in their sorority and Chrissie refused and got Lois in a extreme panic attack which led her into taking drugs which Murphy then puts her in Rehab just calm down.

Moonlight : The Choice
Tumblr ljijell67p1qato3i

Lois surprised at Derek and Chrissie fighting


Chrissie tries to forgive herself for making Lois take those drugs and Lois held a grudge against her. She could not handle wheather she wanted to take the apologies Chrissie gave her or if she should just hate her forever.

At the cafeteria, Lois and Murphy were surprised to see Derek and Chrissie fighting

Later , Lois and Murphy decided to take Chrissie to a resort island where they can bond some more and Lois forgives Chrissie.

Moonlight : A New Beginning Part 1Edit

"So, um... do you think Chrissie's gonna be showing?" "Lois, she's not pregnant." "Okay. Who else gets married at eighteen and why the hell does' Jojo have on purple when everyone else is wearing Aquamarine I mean who does that?" ―Lois and Murphy

Lois attends Chrissie's wedding and wondered if she was gonna show up and also wondered why does Jojo have on purple when everyone is wearing aquamarine.

Film PortrayalEdit

In the movie adaption of Moonlight, Lois was portrayed by Rebecca Gayheart. She reprised her role in Dark Moon,
Actor 1

Rebecca Gayheart

The Choice and A New Beginning Part 1.


  • Moonlight
  • Dark Moon
  • The Choice
  • A New Beginning Part 1

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